Data Warehousing Preferences and Challenges

More than 800 respondents and attendants to AWS RE:Invent conference held in Las Vegas in December 2016 shared feedback about data warehouse trends. Where 80% of the tools are now cloud-based versus on-premise. 60% of respondents found their data warehouse difficult to manage and too complex. Interestingly, 61% of respondents were currently not using any ETL tool at all, 25% using no business intelligence tools at all.


Data Warehouse Trends Report 2017 Landing.jpg

In this 10-page report you will find detail graphics and comments to some of the key findings and conclusions:

  • RedShift is a leading data warehouse solution with more than 60% of the respondents using it.
  • Management complexity is the main challenge. We found that most respondents, almost 60% claim that their data warehouse is difficult to manage.
  • The majority are not using ETL tools. 61% of respondents are not
  • using any ETL tool.
  • Adoption of BI-based cloud solutions is still not mainstream. 25% of respondants are not using any BI solution.