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Revisit Our First-Ever User Summit

Whether you missed them the first time around or want to revisit your favorite session, you can watch all of our summit here.

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Session 1: Ami Gal, SQream CEO

In this dual session, SQream CEO Ami Gal explains how his love of chess led him into the data and analytics world, and how SQream's acquisition of Panoply completed the company's offering.

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Session 2: Deborah Leff, SQream CRO

Hear from SQream's Chief Resource Officer Deborah Leff on the cutting-edge, GPU-accelerated technology behind the magic of SQream. 

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Session 3: Francesco Gadaleta: Host, Data Science at Home

Host of the Data Science at Home Podcast and founder of Intrepid AI, Francesco Gadaleta, Ph.D, discusses the advantages, compromises, and considerations of a low or no-code solution for businesses looking to innovate and democratize their data.

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Session 4: Customer Story - James Barnes, Data & Integrations Lead, GreenThumb

Hear how GreenThumb, the UK's leading lawncare company, went from massive, siloed datasets to faster, better insights and forecasting with Panoply.

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Session 5: Partner Presentation - In Digital

A customer success story from the In Digital team. Hear how In Digital partnered with Panoply to unlock key data insights to help the business triple their ROI in 12 months. 

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Session 6: Customer to Employee and Employee to Customer

In this session you'll hear unique perspectives from Manuel Bautista, former customer and current Director of Data Solutions Engineering at Panoply, and Oshri Bienhaker, former Panoply employee and current customer at Innplay Labs.

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Session 7: Alon Brody, Director of Product Management, Panoply

As Product Director, Alon is the brain behind the Panoply solution. Get inside insight on the product evolution over the past few years, plus a sneak peek at exciting updates to come. 

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Session 8: Emerson Scherer, Account Executive, Panoply

Advice, buy-in, and communication are just a few of the pillars that make for great customer relationships - dive deeper with Emerson into what builds a lasting data partnership.

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Panoply ticks all the boxes - we couldn't ask for anything more.

James Barnes
Data and Integrations Lead and Solution Architect, GreenThumb
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We've had some some brilliant successes working with Panoply.

Oliver Norman
Co-CEO, In Digital