How AgriWebb Harvests Results With Panoply

The Company


AgriWebb is an Australia-based agricultural/farm management technology provider. The company's mission is to serve farmers by helping them improve productivity and profitability. Farmers use AgriWebb software to simplify farm record keeping and accounting.

The platform manages an astounding 8,000,000 animals today. Clearly, the agri-tech startup is growing fast and so are its data needs. Brian Ritchie, Head of Growth at AgriWebb discusses how the company is forging ahead with the help of a new data stack.

The Challenge

Ritchie shares that the company had no dedicated analytics infrastructure or view of business performance. Engineering and product teams had no ability to review the business in a 360 degree, cross-functional manner. Senior leadership relied upon pre-configured logic to generate charts with static information which was inflexible and limiting. Ritchie explains, “Frankly, we didn’t know what we didn’t know.”

When the AgriWebb Board requested reporting, engineers produced a CSV file by running a custom-built javascript with the required metrics numbers and KPIs, which was far from a sustainable practice. Ritchie knew that the company had a powerful set of data that could be managed and mined for insights with the right data stack. So he spearheaded the process of creating a modern data infrastructure stack for AgriWebb.

The Solution

The first step in the data overhaul was to assess all company data to paint a picture of the entire customer journey. Then Ritchie and his team implemented the data visualization tool, Chartio which allows the company to visually review data, expose any gaps, and build a comprehensive virtual data model.

Once Chartio was in place, it became apparent that AgriWebb required a unified data warehouse, and Ritchie chose Panoply for the jobWith Panoply and its native integration with Chartio, analysts and marketers can combine any product data, ad metrics, and CRM data to understand the customer journey. 

We now have a very comprehensive view of our customer base.

- Brian Ritchie, Head of Growth

The Results

Since implementing Panoply and Chartio, the company has evolved into a truly data-driven organization. AgriWebb analysts now are empowered  with a cross-company view of customers, understanding where they originated and how they were acquired.

AgriWebb now has dashboards that automatically showcase ACV (annual contract value) for a customer cohort. The dashboards also shed light on the nuances of how customers find AgriWebb as well as how those figures trend over time.

According to Ritchie, the new data infrastructure has much more flexibility allowing advanced pricing plans that drive more revenue. With Panoply, the pricing plans can be modified in different combinations to yield the highest ACV before, during, and after a trial.

With Panoply’s data warehouse in place, we’re getting more mature as a data-driven organization, allowing us to start lead scoring in order to ensure we’re spending time on the best leads.

For AgriWebb, the fact that Panoply “just works” is paramount. As a lean startup, the company needed a data warehouse that required minimal maintenance but delivered maximum performance.


I know Panoply won’t fail me and AgriWebb’s business operations will chug along with zero fuss.

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