How Bruder Healthcare Company Achieves Their Data Vision with Panoply

The Company 

Headquartered in Georgia, USA, Bruder Healthcare has been a leader in manufacturing medical equipment and technology for patients and providers since 1986.

Bruder developed an extensive line of products to help manage dry eye and eye pain more naturally, without harsh chemicals. Their Moist Heat Eye Compress is the number one doctor-recommended product of its kind, and now a major part of their business. 

Although Bruder Healthcare, A Division of Hilco Vision, started out with customers in the US, they now do business globally and expanded to both doctors’ offices and retail companies like Walmart, Amazon, and Walgreens which now sell their products.

The Business Challenge

In the last few years, Bruder’s direct-to-consumer business exploded - their flagship eye care therapy mask took off, and they added additional healthcare products to their portfolio. They found themselves needing to quickly and accurately forecast inventory and sales trends despite having a relatively small team to analyze data.

Additionally, with both individual patients and healthcare providers as customers, Bruder wanted to learn more about those customers and how they could capitalize on their top- selling product. 

At the beginning, Bruder exported data via Amazon and used Excel for reporting. But with the huge uptick in customers and sales, they sought a faster, more comprehensive solution and reached out to Panoply.

We spoke with Ethan Morris, Sales and Marketing Analyst, and Sharon Burkart, Senior Director, Marketing Communications, to hear about their experience setting up the platform and getting insights.

Sharon has been with the company for over 20 years and has seen a lot of positive growth over the years. As they grew, there was a lot to do from both a marketing and operations standpoint. They had a lot of data coming their way. The team had to track business growth, up-and-coming competition, and order fulfillment on Amazon, doctor’s offices, and retail stores that carry their products. The Amazon forecasting was especially important, as Bruder needed almost a month of lead time to successfully fulfill orders. 

The Solution

Panoply has become the foundation of the data stack Bruder is building out today. Their data sources - primarily Google analytics and Amazon ads - connect seamlessly to their Panoply data warehouse, which in turn connects to their Power BI instance for analytics. 


Panoply takes us to a level we’ve wanted to get to for a long time." - Sharon Burkart, Senior Director, Marketing Communications


Sharon told us that the Bruder team has been working closely with our Customer Success team to build out their Amazon, Netsuite, Walmart, and Klaviyo connections to their Panoply data warehouse and ingest data into a single source of truth for faster analysis and forecasting.

The Results

You could see the power unlocking right there.” 


We are excited that the Bruder team will now have access to all their business data in one centralized hub. They can segment customers based on actions and activities, which is a huge help to understand customer behavior and forecast future sales and inventory needs. They can visualize and analyze the data from Panoply right in their Power BI instance, and Sharon tells us our company is looking forward to making operations, manpower, and forecasting decisions based on data.


We’re glad we were able to invest in this. Panoply is right for us and we got personal attention.”


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