How to Build Visualizations in Tableau

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Tableau is an industry leader for a reason - it’s one of the top tools for data visualization that feeds insights in companies big and small. However, as with any enterprise software tool, getting up to speed can be a challenge.

Join data analyst Kate Strachnyi as we explore building charts and dashboards in Tableau - and why Panoply adds speed and agility to the data stack solution.

This webinar will appeal to both new and experienced professionals in the world of data analysis and visualization.


Kate Strachnyi is a 📊 📈 data visualization & reporting expert at Deloitte and has extensive experience with data visualization tools such as Tableau. Kate is proficient with gathering user requirements and developing custom interactive reports and dashboards using multiple data sources and is also a Tableau Desktop 10 Qualified Associate.

With Jason Harris, Evangelist, Panoply and Sam Eriksmoen, Data Architect, Panoply.

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