How Room 214 Became a Data-Driven Digital Marketing Agency

The Company

Room 214 is a Colorado-based digital marketing agency with a firm grasp on data. The agency offers services like marketing, branding, and campaign strategy.

Room 214 works with in-house marketing teams for companies big and small to grow brand awareness, drive customer loyalty and attract customers with edgy marketing campaigns. Recently, Room 214 elevated their success to new heights through innovations in data and analytics.

The Challenge

While Room 214 was always a forward-thinking digital marketing agency, the company saw their industry increasingly shifting toward a data-centric approach; digital marketing is a very data-driven industry. Teams want to see results, often in real-time of how campaigns are performing.

Another persistent challenge for agencies managing campaigns utilizing different channels on behalf of multiple businesses is the tracking performance of countless disparate data sources. A digital marketing agency by its nature has many clients, which means the amount of data and types of ad metrics tracking systems is time consuming to manage and organize given these vast amounts of data.

The agency found that their consultants were inefficiently spending hours every week copying and pasting information into spreadsheets as a central repository for data. Clients had Google Sheets with historical data—and each month agency team members had to log into numerous social media platforms and manually export the campaign analytics data. As the agency grew, the issue only became more tedious, cumbersome and complex.

The Solution

In 2017, Room 214 saw the need to be a data-driven digital marketing agency and adapted their business accordingly. In effect, the agency wanted to become very intentional about how data can inform decisions within their business and that of their clients. 

With our new data stack, being data driven with our metrics is central to conversations between teams. We’re able to look at the numbers together and develop more of a holistic view of what’s happening with our campaigns and why.

- Max Morganfield, Channel Strategist

The agency implemented Panoply to support multiple sources of data, systems, and clients. This data stack included a business intelligence tool, Chartio, for data visualization and building reporting dashboards. The company-wide integration of the Panoply and Chartio data stack has enabled Room 214 to work in a way they never could before.


 The Results


Panoply has been a win for both the agency and its clients. Room 214 is able to deliver lightning-fast rich reporting dashboards full of actionable insights to their clients.

In just a few clicks, a data stack was spun up in minutes—without the need of IT or engineering, empowering marketing consultants to spend less time on manual data management and copying and pasting. Instead, Room 214's team members can now focus on results and insights.

On the client side, Room 214 is able to provide almost real-time information on their campaign performance. This has elevated both the agency’s operations and their client’s experience.

Our insights and analyses are richer since reporting is now key and output and ROI are paramount to every goal. We can have better conversations both internally and with our clients.

- Jenn Casson, Managing Director

The agency has become more nimble, more accurate, and more analytical. With Panoply, Room 214 also experiences less human error, eliminates data silos, and is more strategic, thanks to getting an aggregated view of all their campaign data.

With the data stack Panoply provides, we’re able to quickly capture and analyze this new data, learn from it, discover and experiment with it, and of course use it to inform our next decision.

- Jenn Casson, Managing Director



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