How XOi Reduces Churn & Learns About Customers Through Data

The Company

XOi Technologies supports field technicians with a powerful mobile app that provides crucial information about assignments in the field. In "deskless" fields like HVAC, for example, the XOi app gives useful insights about upcoming commercial AC installation jobs.

With the help of the XOi app, field technicians are empowered to communicate with their company which ultimately drives quality service and sales. Nekotia Jones, Director of Client Support at XOi Technologies, summarizes the XOi app as, “FaceTime on steroids for field service agents of any type.”

The Challenge

Jones has been a part of the innovative XOi team since 2018, and has ushered the company into a new era of data management. At the start of his engagement, he focused on improving the consistent use of data across the organization. XOi has a wealth of data from a mix of tools like MongoDB, Zendesk, Hubspot, and Intercom.

Jones identified a handful of key challenges:

  • First, there was no single source of truth for XOi data.
  • Second, company was without any reporting or dashboards to visualize and share data.
  • And third, business decisions were not based on thorough data analysis, but on customer anecdotes.
It was clear to Jones that to support data-driven decision-making across the organization, a strategic set of data systems would need to be implemented, starting with a data warehouse.

The Solution

When reviewing the options for a new data warehouse, Jones knew that security, ease-of-use, and performance were non-negotiable. Another important feature was a data stack that was easy for non-engineers to implement. Jones reviewed several prominent data warehouse options, but says,

Soon I discovered Panoply and loved the ease of use in getting a data warehouse in a matter of minutes.

- Nekotia Jones, Director of Client Support

XOi ultimately chose to implement Panoply’s data warehouse paired with the Stitch data integration. In line with their needs, implementing Panoply required no data engineer resources. This technology stack has formed a new foundation of transparent and cohesive data.


 The Results

Prior to Panoply, business decisions were based on limited information. Now with Panoply, the company is able to score customer health with precision and make interactions more targeted.

This ability to personalize customer interactions is driving better customer journeys and experiences. Armed with data, Jones and his team can advise customers to use XOi technology to ultimately do their jobs better. As a result, XOi has seen measurably higher sales and advanced customer loyalty.

In a particular use case, the new data stack helped the XOi team save an at-risk account. While the customer shared on a call that everything was ‘fine’, the data said otherwise. The team dug into the engagement metrics, asked the client more questions, and ultimately saved the contract.

We’ve had Panoply for four months now and it’s been a game changer for XOi. We can know what we need to know to make business decisions. 

- Nekotia Jones, Director of Client Support

XOi has transformed from an organization relying on siloed data and inconsistent customer feedback to a data-driven enterprise. With Panoply, XOi is set up to drive positive and personalized customer experiences.


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