Data Analytics has become too cumbersome!

Big data and analytics are the hottest topic for businesses today, and for good reason. Data driven decisions aren’t just a trend. Insight and analysis help drive the bottom line. Teams committed to forward movement and growth use analytics in daily operations.

In a new era with previously unthinkable quantities of data as the norm, you are challenged. The strain of mammoth data sets on traditional data systems means there must be a new way of storing and transforming data.

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To help you maximize efficiency, no matter how much data you're managing, we’ve published a paper outlining some key tips for data management. We share the main challenges of deploying a sound analytics system and how Panoply solves those issues by committing to a fully to a cloud-based model:

  • In-house development and data logic challenges
  • Complexity in systems management and operations alignment
  • Performance tuning of large data systems
  • Conquering inefficiencies with self-service, aggregations, machine learning and more