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Brilliant computer and data scientists have spent the past few decades sharing their wisdom with the masses and turning that wisdom into products that have resulted in the market that we enjoy today. Back when the first hard drive was sold or when the first digital database management system went into production, who would have thought that the world would need a myriad of database options?


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Whereas access to data and powerful information technology systems used to be considered a competitive business differentiator, today, access to such services is a prerequisite for business success. Today, businesses are looking for new and innovative ways to leverage data to get a jump on the competition, and all sorts of new tools are being developed to help them down this path.

Of course, the traditional relational database continues to power mission critical systems where data availability and consistency are key. Increasingly, though, availability and consistency are sometimes optional, and tradeoffs are being made in order to be able to scale systems to the levels that are necessary to support today’s massive data sets and data variability.

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