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Back when the first hard drive was sold or when the first digital database system went into production, who would have thought that data would one day run the business world?

Brilliant computer and data scientists have spent the past few decades turning wisdom into products that have transformed our culture.

Access to data and information technology systems used to be considered a competitive advantage. Today, it’s a prerequisite for business success. Businesses need data insights to get a jump on the competition, and new tools are launching daily to influence data-driven success.

Of course, the traditional relational database continues to power mission critical systems where data availability and consistency are key. Increasingly, though, this consistency is compromised. Tradeoffs are made to scale systems to support today’s massive “big” datasets and data variability.

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As part of the data industry, you know the widespread influence of data science innovations. In this free report, learn how deep and wide the data science and engineering affects our world today.

You will learn about:

  • State of NoSQL
  • Transformational infrastructure technologies
  • From the drawing board to real life: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Automation
  • How Panoply helps organizations leverage data
  • ETL-less data integration, auto-generated schemas, real time transformations

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