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A robust data platform is key to getting insights from data, but there are a number of inefficiencies that can slow down the process for businesses embarking on their data initiative. For many organizations, the lead time required for a traditional data platform can delay – or even derail – the start of a data and analytics initiative. 

Building a data platform can take months, and that's not counting ongoing maintenance. Business leaders are understandably impatient when it comes to realizing value. Data insights and monetization are critical to growth and gaining a competitive advantage.

In this paper, we’ll discuss the roadblocks in many data initiatives and how to solve them. 

  • The differences between traditional data platforms and cloud-based, managed solutions
  • Inefficiencies stemming from siloed resources, systems management, and more
  • How Panoply can eradicate these inefficiencies through aggregation, removing resource silos, and  eliminating the build timeline
  • And more! 

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