How Kimberly Clark Saved $250k & Sped Up Tableau By 90% by Using Panoply

The Company

Kimberly-Clark is a global heavy hitter in the personal care market. The Fortune 500 company has recently elevated their ability to use data to drive results, using a stack that includes Amazon Redshift, Tableau, and Panoply. Their path to data excellence wasn’t simple, though. The large company was faced with the common enterprise conundrum: large sets of disparate data and limited resources. Read on to find out how they solved their data challenges while also saving money and improving marketing intelligence. 

The Challenge

Kimberly-Clark has mountains of data from multiple regions ready for exploration and insights, however their legacy data infrastructure created a huge barrier to their marketing teams. Their systems were inflexible and could not address business intelligence questions quickly. In any organization, business intelligence questions occur continuously and in-the-moment. With the legacy data structure, receiving answers to these questions in an actionable time frame was a struggle because of the ETL and data processing requirements. To be a truly agile organization Kimberly-Clark needed a way to shorten the path from curiosity to insight. 

The Solution

Kimberly-Clark decided to integrate Panoply into their data infrastructure because of its smart cloud technology to boost Amazon Redshift performance thanks to built-in machine learning and natural language processing. Panoply monitors queries in real-time, automatically adjusting for performance. Panoply uses proprietary AI algorithms to learn usage passage, optimize data sets for querying, and cache frequently-run queries, which improves Redshift performance for the user. The company’s choice of a Tableau and Panoply data stack was a game changer. In fact, Tableau and Panoply ran a joint study assessing Panoply’s performance improvements over vanilla Redshift using common reporting dashboard configurations. The results showed that Panoply provided up to 90% reduction in dashboard runtime.

Ask Helena Carre, EMEA Omnichannel Analytics Lead at Kimberly-Clark, about the Tableau platform running on Panoply, and she’ll tell you it’s like having “analytic superpowers.” She added:

The one-two punch of using Tableau on Panoply for fast performance was the best possible solution for my team.

The Results

The Tableau on Panoply solution eased their constraints dramatically, saving them 8 hours a week and over $250,000 in two years. What's more, the team's Tableau reporting dashboards were loading 10x faster with Panoply. Furthermore, these process improvements all occurred without adding additional Business Analysts. The new data systems have also led to a much more empowered Marketing team, giving them the ability to spearhead their own data analysis efforts. 
Panoply gave me the things I needed - speed, automation, efficiency, flexibility - without blowing up my budget, increasing my headcount, or adding unneeded complexity. It continues to be a great complement to my existing resources. 
- Helena Carre, EMEA Omnichannel Analytics


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