How Katoo Saves Time with a Single Source of Truth

The Company

Katoo is a unique marketplace for restaurants and suppliers to organize, enable their relationships, and drive the food supply chain. Founded in Spain and active in Spain and Italy, Katoo is a workflow tool where restaurants have a single place to easily order their ingredients, and suppliers receive orders in the digital format of their choice. 

The app reduces time-consuming, low-value tasks so both restaurants and suppliers can focus on growing their business.

The Challenge

The new and growing data team didn’t have a database that gave them access to automatically updated data. They had to spend critical time downloading data from multiple sources (Facebook ads, Hubspot, etc.), copy and paste it into Google Sheets, then analyze with Google Data Studio. Re-importing was a daily task, and they needed a solution that would save them time with automatic ingestion.

Additionally, they needed to ensure people in different departments were exporting the same information from each source to avoid running disparate reports for the same metric.

The Solution

Panoply came into the equation while Katoo was building their data department. Their team first implemented Count, combined with using csv files and downloading straight from the data source app. They needed something to help them leverage several platforms to get insights from this data, but wanted to avoid an overly complex data stack with multiple tools to manage. 

Panoply was the “everything in one” best solution for both ingestion + data warehouse and gave them that single source of truth for all their existing and future data sources.

Panoply was the best solution we found for data ingestion + a data warehouse. - Nicole Niehaus, Data & Insights Lead

The Results

Katoo has all of their data from SQL server, Facebook, Hubspot, and Google Sheets in a Panoply data warehouse, which easily integrates with their Metabase and CleverTap for visualization and app analytics. 

Since implementing Panoply 14 months ago, not only did Katoo gain the single source of truth and time-savings they wanted, but they’ve been able to use that data as a clear value-add for their own customers, by automating those dashboards they used to build manually. Restaurants can now see exactly what they buy and spend, and adjust their purchasing accordingly. Restaurants want simple, high-level data at their fingertips, and Katoo can quickly provide it with Panoply.

Panoply made building the data stack easy, because we have everything in one place.”


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