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Panoply is a data warehouse that anyone can use and set up in minutes. Our mission is to make every business data-driven. That’s why we created the only cloud data platform built for citizen analysts that automates all three key aspects of the data stack: data ingestion, data management, and query performance optimization.

Anyone can set up Panoply to collect and combine all their data in minutes, with zero on-going maintenance. All data is stored, sorted, and optimized for lightning fast analytics. It’s affordable and the best performing self-serve data warehouse.

In this live demo, you will learn:

  • How to ingest / upload all your disparate data sources in just minutes; no coding required
  • How to connect your data sources to ANY Business Intelligence / analytical tool you want to use
  • How data warehouse automation can make you a better analyst 

Benefits of Panoply:

  • Ease of use: anyone can set up Panoply to collect and combine their data in minutes - no coding or technical knowledge required
  • All-in-one: Panoply handles all data collection, data warehouse management, and query performance optimization
  • For anyone working with data analytics: built for analysts and business users in mind; headache free for engineers and IT

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Panoply is used by some of the world’s most data-driven companies.