Panoply Enables Meomind to Pair People with the Therapy They Need

The Company

Meomind was created to help people who don’t have access to therapists by providing a library of pre-recorded therapy sessions, covering a myriad of topics and available 24/7, that match to the user’s relevant needs. Meomind also offers live events, mental health scores, exercises, and more to give users the most comprehensive therapeutic experience. The app helps reduce employee turnover and burnout, increase productivity and lower healthcare costs. 

The Challenge

When Meomind was founded in January 2022, they knew data would play a huge role. Their data is segmented into product, marketing, and clinical, and they leverage it to assess metrics like potential clinical impact, listening frequency, and user satisfaction. The small data team knew their qualitative data would grow with the company, so they needed a scalable, easy-to-use solution to get everything in one place. 

The Solution

The Meomind and Panoply partnership is unique because we’ve worked together since Meomind was founded, so Panoply has been a part of their data infrastructure from the ground-up. When looking for a data warehouse solution when they set up the business, Panoply’s pricing structure and ease of use stood out among market competitors.

The team set up schemas in the Panoply workbench, which creates tables of data that pull from all the sources they have integrated. Those schemas are sent to Google Data Studio, which creates visualizations that update every day and essentially drive the company’s data decisions.

Makan Amini, Co-Founder and COO, says that the workbench is his favorite place in the Panoply platform.

Panoply has seamlessly scaled with us." - Makan Amini, Co-Founder & COO

The Results

The Panoply data warehouse acts as a single source of truth for Meomind’s business data, and enables insights-led decisions that grow the business and help clients get mental health help and an exceptional customer experience. 

The solution scaled seamlessly since January as the company grew, and the data team is happy with visualizations from the workbench and the ability to create views that refresh daily. Panoply’s reliability plus absence of downtime and technology issues mean the team can focus on their clients rather than manual tasks and bug fixes.

Meomind graph

The Meomind team can now see when during the day their users listen to sessions. This is important since the user behavior or goal is very different when listening to sessions at 11pm before bed vs. at 9am while commuting to work.

Without Panoply, it would be like flying an airplane in foggy weather without any instruments.”


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