Watch: Meomind & Panoply - Leveraging Your Data for Startup Growth


From zero to insights: How startups can use the Meomind model and leverage data to grow

When Meomind was founded in January 2022, they knew data would play a huge role. The small team anticipated their data growing with the company, so they needed a scalable, easy-to-use solution to get everything in one place. 
Panoply was the data warehousing solution from day one, so we’ve scaled together from the ground-up. 
In this session, learn how Meomind uses data to grow their business and help connect people with accessible mental healthcare. Plus, we'll cover:
  • How data plays a role in each business segment
  • Why having a tool that scales with you is critical for startup growth
  • How to build a data team without much data experience
  • And more!

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Panoply is used by some of the world’s most data-driven companies.