How ProSoccerData Scored with a New Data Stack

The Company

ProSoccerData is a software solution that saves soccer clubs hours of time by eliminating paper-based performance tracking. The popular app is used worldwide by top soccer clubs.

Based in Belgium, ProSoccerData is the leading soccer app empowering clubs to digitally track player details and talent selection which ultimately maximizes the performance of clubs and athletes. The app also offers features for soccer clubs to build training sessions and games.

We help the club build a complete player profile that provides a complete view of that player's performance, based on data entered into our system.

- Michael Mattan, Lead Architect at ProSoccerData

The Challenge

Before implementing its new data stack, ProSoccerData faced a common challenge: multiple, disparate data sources which caused a frustrating amount of manual data work. The company needed something that could combine multiple key systems so they could make data-driven business decisions.

Jira and Intercom are the main systems ProSoccerData leverages, however the company struggled to find a software that could create a blended and holistic view of those systems.

Another major challenge for ProSoccer Data was the switch from a PHP application to a Java application. The company’s Lead Architect, Michael Mattan, spent three years implementing the change and while one set of problems were alleviated another set arose. ProSoccerData had no data stack and no solution for their pipeline. Prior to having a solution, business decisions were made blindly as it was difficult to obtain data quickly and accurately.

The Solution

When searching for the perfect solution, Michael Mattan focused on platforms that could handle MySQL, which led him to Panoply.

We love that Panoply automates Redshift, has materialized views and works with rocket-like speed. 

To round out the data stack, ProSoccerData added as its business intelligence and visualization tool. After evaluating other solutions like Tableau and PowerBI, won out due to the ease and speed of report building. As a company that shares data with consumers, they needed something that could intuitive and beautiful. Plus, Panoply integrates seamlessly with

The Results

Before implementing Panoply, there was no data stack and multiple systems were being used with no real pipeline solution. The company was “running blind” in terms of data.

Now, with Panoply and in place, the whole business has a clear picture of the important information needed to make decisions. Business teams use the system for billing and invoicing purposes. IT and technology use the new data stack for building reports on ticketing and errors. Support uses the solution to track tickets with ease.

Having a data stack in place has given ProSoccerData readily-accessible insights so all the teams within the company can perform at an optimal level. Ultimately, the new data stack helps everyone focus more on soccer and less on reporting, which is a major score.

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