Unlocking Agile: How This Real Estate and Sales Giant Achieved a Single Source of Truth

The Company

This customer is one of the most trusted names in the sales and real estate industry, using their tested and proven processes to help clients increase profitability. The company expanded into other industries and guides clients through investing, growing both the clients’ equity and the communities where they operate.

The Challenge

The company has grown tremendously over the past few years, and they wanted to drive more decisions based on data. One big pain point when starting out was data ingestion; the team discovered that many vendors don’t have a publicly accessible API, so they had to make do with Zapier and ClickFunnels. At the mercy of Google Sheets and independent departmental data tracking, the CIO decided to invest in a data warehouse solution with visualization capabilities. The question was, should they go with a managed platform or do it themselves? 

For the CIO and his team, Panoply was an attractive option because of our combined solution of ingestion and a data warehouse. Plus, our platform gave their team the flexibility to not worry about backend infrastructure as they grew the team - we can scale with them. 

The Solution

Panoply was the first data warehouse + ELT solution for our team, so it was a great opportunity to start from scratch and chart a path to scale together.

Finding a partner that was willing to work with us and grow with us was a great find.” - CIO & CISO

Prior to Panoply, marketing and finance (and other departments) would have different answers to the same question due to disparate data sources. Now, the finance, marketing, sales ops, and IT departments enjoy a centralized source of truth, and the "data is just the data."

The Results

The biggest ROI they’ve seen so far is in marketing spend, and gaining the confidence to spend more where it’s working. With a “hub and spoke” approach to getting data into the hands of their marketers, the team can now pinpoint previously unanswerable attribution questions, report on just how effective their campaigns are, and adjust accordingly. Since implementing Panoply, the marketing team has seen about 10-20% more agility on marketing spend, leading to more sales. Additionally, sales ops can now get dialer information directly from the source instead of chasing down the data they need to make decisions. Leveraging Panoply plus Looker Studio for visualizations ensures each department gets the insight they need, when they need it.

Now we can join disparate data so much easier, where before it was almost impossible.”

With Panoply’s customer support and built-in DS failure notifications, the organization is more agile than ever and can worry less about infrastructure. More members can use their data, and it’s easier to produce data for anyone who needs it. The CIO told us they’re getting more specific questions - especially from executives - as more teams are becoming more data-aware. These questions will only lead to better insights and decision-making as the platform scales.


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