How Test IO Boosts Their Teams with Data

The Company

Founded in 2011, Test IO delivers fast, at-scale problem solving through a diverse network of testing experts and freelance crowdtesters was developed from a passion for community, quality, and a continuous pursuit of knowledge. Their team found success by delivering on these values with a flexible testing service model tailored to their customers’ unique needs.

The Challenge

As a leading engineering service firm and crowdtesting company, needs to turn their business data into insights to create value and better outcomes for their community.

As a small data team (it’s grown from 2 to 4 people over the past couple of years), they don’t have the time to manage an on-prem data warehouse. As other teams in the company have grown at a faster rate, the analytics team workload has more than doubled, which means they now have even less time for things like data stack management. 

We are providing insights, dashboards, and analysis across the whole company.

- Sevda Hamzacebi, Lead Data Analyst

With other teams relying on them for sophisticated reporting and dashboards, a single source of truth has become even more important, and this is where Panoply comes into play.

The Solution

Using Panoply allows to have a reliable single source of truth for all of their data sources. They are determined to keep everything in Panoply, in order to improve information flow and accuracy.

As a rule, whatever data source we have, and whatever dashboard will use this data source, it will live in Panoply—we try to make this one source of truth.

With data coming from a variety of sources like Salesforce, Google Sheets, and Intercom, having different dashboards using different sources with occasionally different numbers can be a pain for any data team. With Panoply, Sevda and her team are able to provide accurate insights to the rest of the company.

The Results

Four years after implementation, Panoply remains an integral part of’s reporting and analytics. The analytics team size has doubled, but their responsibilities have grown exponentially and Panoply enables them to provide ongoing value to the growing company. Their team is pleased with how easy the platform is to learn, and that they have a reliable single source of truth to keep their data in line.

For us Panoply is a safe place, we know we can rely on it and focus on other things because it’s up and running - it gives us confidence. can pull insights from a single source of truth and leave the data warehouse and ELT management to Panoply, freeing up limited time and resources to focus on more important tasks, and providing peace of mind in knowing that their data will be accurate.

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