Webinar: Advanced Customer Lifecycle Analytics with HubSpot

Join Panoply and HubSpot for a webinar to better understand your leads in aggregate or track how prospects flow through the marketing funnel and into your product onboarding flow. Customer relationship management (CRM) systems such as Hubspot are great for managing customer relationships and marketing automation but they often feel like a black box.

Panoply exposes a broader view of your customer journey by providing unmitigated access to all your Hubspot data and the ability to integrate it with other customer data stores like Google Analytics, Salesforce, and application databases. You will learn:

  • How easy it is to bring your CRM contact data into the analytics and visualization tools of your choice
  • How we at Panoply use Panoply to integrate data from HubSpot, the Panoply application, and Salesforce to build an end to end customer journey
  • How to collect and manage data in your martech tools that is optimal for analytics

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