How to Build a Data-Driven eCommerce Retail Business

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Before eCommerce retail business Shinesty updated its data management systems, marketers were caught in a trap of copy/paste. With their new data stack comprised of Panoply, AWS Redshift, and Fivetran, their Marketing team and business leaders now get the data they were previously manually wrangling easily in one convenient place.

Watch this unique working session on how this innovative retailer is harnessing vast amounts of data to make better, more agile decisions.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to pull together data sources without hundreds of hours of complicated coding or hiring data engineers or architects.
  • How your marketing and ecommerce analytics team can become more agile with data to gain actionable insights and inform key business decisions.
  • How to get 2x faster queries and data visualizations.

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Panoply is used by some of the world’s most data-driven companies.