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7 Emerging Trends for Building a Data Centric Organization

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In the past, many organizations overlooked how their core business functions revolved around information. Older systems were originally built to manage transaction and operational processing and it is only a recent phenomenon that businesses have recognized that the underlying data assets have potential for creating real value in the organization. However, more recently, smart companies are sprouting up without that system-oriented bias with the awareness that information is the key to building and driving profitability. These companies have clearly demonstrated success in data monetization.

Understanding emerging trends for the data-centric organization can help in identifying the right kinds of tools and techniques that can be employed from the start as companies build out their information architectures and data stacks.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The role of the citizen analyst and its emergence as the non-technical data champion
  • Education and training for data awareness across the enterprise
  • Automating the process of configuring the data stack
  • The changing role of IT and the need for data governance

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