Unlocking Growth with Data

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Growth at any company, especially a startup or SaaS company, is ripe for optimization and experimentation. However, without data analysis, a business has no view of how revenue is flowing in or how it can be accelerated.

Join Panoply, Brian Ritchie, Director of Growth at AgriWebb, and Aaron Aihini, Senior Customer Success Engineer at Chartio, for a webinar to learn how to set up a smart data analytics stack in minutes to build a company's growth-fast agenda.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Ways you can track and organize data to compile growth metrics
  • How to harness data for a more intelligent view of your business
  • How a smart data analytics stack enables a company to keep pace with changing data sources and KPIs 

Panoply is used by some of the world’s most data-driven companies.