How Shinesty Cut Their Time to Insight with Panoply

The Company

When you visit online retailer Shinesty’s website, it’s no surprise they’re growing. The fun and quirky brand seems to be striking the perfect chord online with both upbeat and bold messaging in selling party-themed apparel.

Behind the scenes, the company isn’t just fun and games, though. In fact, Shinesty has made big moves in the area of data, analytics, and business intelligence.

The Challenge

Shinesty recently hired Bob Vermeulen, Shinesty’s Director of CRM who has been the driver of their new focus on data. Given the team is small, Vermeulen was tasked with a large constellation of responsibilities. This included time-intensive work like connecting data sources and creating dashboard visualizations the entire company can access. Right away, he knew they needed a better process.

Our biggest goal is democratizing data—giving dynamic dashboards, insights, and the ability to explore data to as many Shinesty employees as possible.
- Bob Vermuelen, Director of CRM

The Solution

Vermeulen came up with a lean but razor-sharp solution to tackle the small company’s big data tasks. He piloted a few solutions but ultimately chose three tools. This data stack is made up of Panoply: a cutting-edge data warehouse, Fivetran: a database integration tool, and Looker: a data visualization tool.

Before Panoply, the business was doing hours of manual work on their reporting. They would take data from Google Analytics, Facebook, and their other digital platforms and paste them into one master spreadsheet. With Panoply on board, marketing managers and business owners can see all of their data in one hub. This means less manual work and more insights. 

Panoply has done everything to make it easy to spawn a warehouse, import data and get to work. The ease of use with Panoply is outstanding.


The Results

With their new data infrastructure, they can now implement high-growth strategies like customer segmentation and personalization. Vermeulen credits choosing tools like Panoply that “just work” for their success. No matter how appealing the tool, if it doesn’t integrate quickly, it is not sustainable for a fast-moving startup like Shinesty.

Panoply is performing and doing its job - materialized views are making our queries/ visualizations fast and efficient. The fact that Panoply just works is huge for me and us as a company.

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